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Kitten Health Guarantee

To the best of my knowledge the above kitten is in good condition and health with no congenital defects. The  Buyer must take said kitten to a professional veterinarian within 72 hours. If this veterinarian finds the above kitten to be in poor Health or to have congenital defect the purchaser must bring a signed statement by veterinarian within the first 72 hours for full refund. If the buyer would rather trade with a kitten of the same value that will be done instead of a refund.Breeder will not be responsible for any veterinarian bills. After 72 hours all sales are final EXCEPT for congenital defects which are guaranteed for five years with written confirmation from professional veterinarian. This contract is for the protection of both buyer and seller. All paper work and vaccination records will be released once Kitten is picked up and paid off.
I have read and understand the above guarantee and information regarding this Kittens guarantee and agree to this document in full. To validate your guarantee, this page must be signed and returned to us no later than 10 days after the Kitten arrives. We must also receive a copy of your Kittens vet visit that was made within the 72 hours after the Kittens arrival.
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(This is a legally binding document. In the event of legal action, buyer(s) will assume all legal costs including, but not limited to, seller’s attorney’s fees and legal cost. The laws and venue of the State of California will govern this Guaranty)
Written by Suzanne Bauley Wednesday, 17 March 2017 4:00